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img_7346Trends are always changing! Some are iconic while others fall flat. My favorite trend currently is the Bandana Necklace!

This look first came into popularity around 2016 during festival season. It immediately became one of the top trends that young adults love to wear!

Today Jayden and I will be showing our fav looks with this trend!

look one:

This look was my all time favorite look at Coachella! I am wearing the cutest romper from honey punch and I paired it with my signature red bandana! It was so comfortable and the bandana came in handy later in the night when the air became dusty! The bandana is truly a versatile trend!

look two:

This outfit is my go to look when I want to feel comfortable but also stylish! I styled my red bandana with the coolest skull hand shirt from desert dreamer and my go to high waisted pants from Hudson! It’s such a casual look with but it always turns heads!

look three:

Jayden created the ultimate street wear look with her matching red top and glasses; paired with her jet black bandana! It’s the cutest look for an on the go fashionista! #girlscandoanything!

look four:

Jayden decided to go for a pastel and soft look! With a cute off the shoulder top along with her black skirt and pink bandana! She is giving major spring vibes! The location is also way too cute!!!

This trend is by far one of my favorite! You can style it with literally anything!!

This collaboration with Jayden was amazing! She is the kindest person you will ever meet!

You can find Jayden’s blog here

& her Instagram here


What current trend is your fav?


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