Financial Independence, Is It Possible?


This past Tuesday I had the privilege of being invited to watch a panel at The Stacks House featuring Zelle®  and Her Campus. Zelle® is a digital payment network that allows you to transfer money quickly straight from your bank account, it’s amazing because it is featured in almost any mobile banking app. Her Campus is an online magazine for young women who are in college. I learned so many amazing things about how to become a successful business owner and how to maintain financial stability. 

IMG_6134It was quite fascinating to me when the topic of women in the workforce not asking for raises was brought up. To hear the panelists talk about their own personal stories when asking for raises and how to prepare for a meeting like that, was eye opening. 


The panel made me think about how I would be able to manage my money after college. Money is always a hard topic to discuss with friends, family and coworkers. The panelists gave great advice on how to save money and plan for my future. I think the best advice was to invest! It seemed like such an obvious answer, but the main question would be where would I start? One of the panelists gave amazing advice, invest in a ROTH IRA. There were also great suggestions about how to deal with spending money in social situations. In my personal experience it’s always so hard to say no to hanging out with friends. A solution would be to make a pact with a friend and hold each other accountable with our spending. I will definitely be doing that the next time I go out to dinner! 
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Overall I had such an amazing time, and gained some great insight. Becoming financially independent is hard, but if you practice smart spending habits you will definitely see a change in your bank account. I would love to thank Zelle® for making this possible. 

This post is sponsored by Zelle®. Zelle® is an easy way to send money directly between almost any U.S. bank accounts typically within minutes. With just an email address or mobile phone number, you can quickly, safely and easily send and receive money with more people, regardless of where they bank. 


Saving My Memories


Currently, my camera roll has 38,451 images. I know, it’s a lot.. but within those images are so many memories. Everything from my first high school football game, to my last choir competition, to my first day of college and now running my own company! To me, these images mean a lot more than just smiles. Each image has a backstory.


I decided that I wanted to print my 5 most memorable images using my HP Sprocket 2nd Edition. This new Sprocket makes it easier than ever to edit, print, personalize and decorate everything with memories! It’s perfectly portable on-the-go which means you never have to miss an important moment.


The first image that I chose was my first ever video/photoshoot with my sister. It was such an amazing experience posing in the snowy parks of New York. It was funny because I kept getting mad at her when she wanted me to pose without my jacket because I felt like I was going to get frostbite! But she did get some fun pictures, so I guess almost getting frostbite was worth it?


The second image I wanted to print was when I went to London with my family and explored the city with them! When I first landed in London, I immediately fell in love with not only the city but the culture and people. I made a promise to myself on my flight back home to California that I would move to London one day, and that picture is a constant reminder to keep trying.

The third picture was when I went to Breckenridge, Colorado. I have to say being a California girl, you get used to never seeing snow, but when I came to Breckenridge I was mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded me. Even when taking pictures I felt like there was a green screen behind me. A memory like that has to be captured!


The fourth picture in my camera roll that caught my attention was my first music festival. Can you guess which one it was? No surprise, it was Coachella. That weekend was filled with so many great musicians, iconic fashion, and adventure! The kindness from everyone was amazing! Since that was my first music festival I had to mark that as a big memory.


The fifth memory that I wanted to print has to be one of my proudest achievements. My first time modeling for a large makeup company. I was so nervous that day, wondering if the other models would be nice or if I was even fit to be a model. All those fears went away once I met the amazing people I got to work with. I spent hours in makeup and in the photoshoot area and loved every second of it! It was fascinating seeing everything get created and being a part of that process made it a million times cooler! Right when I got home from that photoshoot I sat in my backyard and just took selfies with my phone. I had never had my makeup done that well before! Needless to say I had enough pictures to post a selfie Sunday for the next 4 years.

These pictures might seem simple, but like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that is very true! Without help from my HP Sprocket 2nd Edition, I wouldn’t be able to print, save and relive these precious memories.

This post was sponsored by HP, all opinions are my own.


trend report with Jayden Dupuis

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img_7346Trends are always changing! Some are iconic while others fall flat. My favorite trend currently is the Bandana Necklace!

This look first came into popularity around 2016 during festival season. It immediately became one of the top trends that young adults love to wear!

Today Jayden and I will be showing our fav looks with this trend!

look one:

This look was my all time favorite look at Coachella! I am wearing the cutest romper from honey punch and I paired it with my signature red bandana! It was so comfortable and the bandana came in handy later in the night when the air became dusty! The bandana is truly a versatile trend!

look two:

This outfit is my go to look when I want to feel comfortable but also stylish! I styled my red bandana with the coolest skull hand shirt from desert dreamer and my go to high waisted pants from Hudson! It’s such a casual look with but it always turns heads!

look three:

Jayden created the ultimate street wear look with her matching red top and glasses; paired with her jet black bandana! It’s the cutest look for an on the go fashionista! #girlscandoanything!

look four:

Jayden decided to go for a pastel and soft look! With a cute off the shoulder top along with her black skirt and pink bandana! She is giving major spring vibes! The location is also way too cute!!!

This trend is by far one of my favorite! You can style it with literally anything!!

This collaboration with Jayden was amazing! She is the kindest person you will ever meet!

You can find Jayden’s blog here

& her Instagram here


What current trend is your fav?

Outfit of the Week



May in California has to be the most confusing weather times of the year. You are so close to summer but still have to deal with cloudy days that are left before you can relax on the beach with your friends. Below is my outfit of the week, since this week has been so gloomy this color blocked outfit has really brightened everything up!


This outfit is perfect for those randomly cold days, when everything is overcast and sprinkling. This red turtle neck top is from Forever 21, it is such a fun bright red that will definitely make a statement. I am also wearing black Paige jeans, these jeans are definitely one of my go to pieces. They can match with anything while also making me look like I tried to look cute that day. My boots are Jeffrey Campbell, it is my all time favorite shoe purchase. These white shiny booties give me serious 70’s vibes. My bag is from a vintage clothing store in Santa Monica. It is such a nice shade of orange that doesn’t look tacky. Last but not least is my signature Gucci belt which makes any outfit look iconic. But you don’t need a Gucci belt to make your outfit look high-end, any belt with an intricate design can make your outfit look amazing.



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Hey I’m Emily Soule! You can usually find me in random hole in the wall coffee shops researching the latest fashion trends, in waiting rooms getting ready for a tv or musical theater audition, or stressing about school! I am currently a Sophomore at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), majoring in Merchandise Marketing. Besides being a full time student I am also an actress and a part of SAG (Screen Actors Guild). I have starred in many commercials and theater productions like “Les Mis”, “Nine”, “Sideshow”, “Wicked”, “Avita”, and many more! I have been a production assistant and stylist for many productions from student films to NBC’s The Voice. When I’m not acting, working or studying I like to travel around the world to understand culture, fashion trends and try new foods! I also love to go to concerts, explore new beaches along the California coastline, and going on mini adventures with my friends. This is a place where you can escape the stresses from everyday life and read about fashion, beauty, travel, food and college life! Welcome to my little world!

Question of the day: What kind of things would you like me to specifically talk about or try?

lots of love, Emily Soule

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Have you ever just wanted to pack your bags and go on a spontaneous trip? Its what I want to do 24/7! My favorite thing to do while traveling is to learn about new cultures, foods and fashion! Come along with me on my journey around the world!

Question of the day? : What is your dream destination?

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Fashion is so important whether you like it or not. Its not just about buying the newest and trendiest clothes. It reflects the financial stand point in that decade, helps our economy, and lets people express themselves. If you look closely throughout the years you can see that when the economy is doing well fashion is more extravagant with beading, bright colors and expensive fabrics. But when the economy is doing poorly fashion becomes more simple, colors are muted and fabrics are cheaper quality. Back in 2009 the US market collapsed, guess what became super popular? Skinny jeans, Jeggings, and leggings! Why? The commonly used fabrics, polyester and spandex are some of the cheapest on the market. That is just one of many examples of how the fashion industry has to evolve in order to survive in this changing economy. When people think of fashion they think of high end designers and celebrities wearing $30,000 bracelets. But thats not the case. In my blog I will be showing dupes for high end runway styles, lookbooks, and much more! Becoming a fashionista isn’t unachievable you just haven’t found your niche yet, but I will help with that!

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Coffee Break with Emily

Coffee Break with Emily

When ever I get stressed out or just need some time to relax I will usually go to my local coffee shop to just unwind and reflect. This segment in my blog will be my weekly thoughts, new favorites and some vlog type videos! So hopefully you will enjoy watching a 19 year old stress about her future while also spending too much money on coffee and tacos.

Question of the day?: What do you do to unwind and relax?

lots of love, Emily Soule