Outfit of the Week



May in California has to be the most confusing weather times of the year. You are so close to summer but still have to deal with cloudy days that are left before you can relax on the beach with your friends. Below is my outfit of the week, since this week has been so gloomy this color blocked outfit has really brightened everything up!


This outfit is perfect for those randomly cold days, when everything is overcast and sprinkling. This red turtle neck top is from Forever 21, it is such a fun bright red that will definitely make a statement. I am also wearing black Paige jeans, these jeans are definitely one of my go to pieces. They can match with anything while also making me look like I tried to look cute that day. My boots are Jeffrey Campbell, it is my all time favorite shoe purchase. These white shiny booties give me serious 70’s vibes. My bag is from a vintage clothing store in Santa Monica. It is such a nice shade of orange that doesn’t look tacky. Last but not least is my signature Gucci belt which makes any outfit look iconic. But you don’t need a Gucci belt to make your outfit look high-end, any belt with an intricate design can make your outfit look amazing.


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