Fashion is so important whether you like it or not. Its not just about buying the newest and trendiest clothes. It reflects the financial stand point in that decade, helps our economy, and lets people express themselves. If you look closely throughout the years you can see that when the economy is doing well fashion is more extravagant with beading, bright colors and expensive fabrics. But when the economy is doing poorly fashion becomes more simple, colors are muted and fabrics are cheaper quality. Back in 2009 the US market collapsed, guess what became super popular? Skinny jeans, Jeggings, and leggings! Why? The commonly used fabrics, polyester and spandex are some of the cheapest on the market. That is just one of many examples of how the fashion industry has to evolve in order to survive in this changing economy. When people think of fashion they think of high end designers and celebrities wearing $30,000 bracelets. But thats not the case. In my blog I will be showing dupes for high end runway styles, lookbooks, and much more! Becoming a fashionista isn’t unachievable you just haven’t found your niche yet, but I will help with that!

Question of the day? : What kind of trends do you want me to talk about and what runway styles do you want me to copy for less?

lots of love, Emily Soule





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